Cairo:: 9-7-2009

Press release
Arresting Barakat
is a new threatening to the freedom of journalism in Egypt

FDHRD is deeply concerned on the arrest of Yassir Barakat , the editor-in-chief of El Mogez newspaper as he was arrested by the investigation of implementing sentences. In this regard, the Felony Court of Cairo, Constituency no.11, issued a sentence on 24/6/2009 to imprison Mr. Barakat for 6 months and obligate him to pay a fine of 20 thousand L.E in case no. 2453 of 2008. This case is filed by Mr. Mostafa Bakri , the head of board of directors and the editor-in-chief of El Osbo’o newspaper and he is also a member of the Peoples’ Assembly in the constituency of Helwan. Mr.Bakri accused Mr. Barakat of labeling and slandering him in an article published in issue no. 88 of El Mogez newspaper issued on 27/11/2007 entitled “ Bakri: : Syrian intelligence…. Nageeb Swiras”, “ How brokers of the National Arab Identity traded in virtues?”

FDHRD is following up the current negotiations by the Press Syndicate and Mostafa Bakri , the Editor-in-Chief of El Osbo’o in order to investigate the mechanism of getting out of this crisis.

In addition, FDHRD is calling the Egyptian newspapers to cooperate in order to get out of this crisis and is calling the Press Syndicate to search for effective mechanisms to solve the problems inside the Syndicate in order to stop the repetition of similar crisis.

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