Cairo: 21/1/2009

Press release
For the Second year, FDHRD announces its annual budget for
the year 2008

Because Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) believes in the right of public opinion to know about the expenditures of FDHRD and know its source of funding and how such funds are spent as well as because FDHRD believes in transparency, FDHRD announces today, Wednesday, 21st January 2009 its annual budget for the year of 2008. In this regard, the total annual budget for the year 2008 was 978509.79 L.E as FDRHD received a sum of 891744.90 L.E from USAID , Egypt in order to implement its project “ an Eye on the Community” which aims at motivating Trustees’ Councils in the Educational Administration of El Maadi . Moreover, it received a sum of 42764.89 L.E from the American Freedom House in order to implement a project to do media coverage on the local society cases from human rights prospective in the governorates of El Monofeya and Beni Sweef.

In addition, the local donation given by the Trustees’ Board and the head of FDHRD was 49500 L.E and it was used to implement projects that are not funded which are the issuance of 5 different reports:
  1. The application of the new Egyptian Traffic Law in the Egyptian street. This field study included examples of the applications of the new traffic law and it analyzed the contents of media coverage in the Egyptian newspapers.
  2. The Shadow of Shade … Medical Care in Egypt. It included the outcomes of the fact-finding mission on the performance of medical units in Egypt in the North of Helwan governorate.
  3. Violation of right to life – Egypt 2007 ( Analyzing the contents of the Red-Handed newspapers in the Egyptian newspapers which covered the cases of medical negligence in the Egyptian hospitals).
  4. Magdy Mehana… Memory of the Country It included the analyses of the journalistic articles of the deceased Magdy Mehana during the year 2007.
  5. Corruption in local units – lack of conscience and lack of monitoring. It included the analysis of the contents of media coverage on the cases of corruption in local units in the period from 1st January till 31st December 2007.
Worth mentioning, the budget is available at the premises of FDHRD for journalists and media professionals and anyone interested to get a copy of the annual budget.

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