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“An area which dropped from the memory of all….Ezbat Khair Allah area”
A report on the works of FDRHD’s mission sent to document the situation in Ezbat Khair Allah area

Today on 2/10/2007, Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) is issuing its report named “An area which dropped from the memory of all….Ezbat Khair Allah area” .in south Cairo This report reveals the outcomes of the FDHRD’s mission sent to follow up the situation of the inhabitants of Ezbat Khair Allah area. This report comes among the series of reports issued under the framework of Media and Local Citizens Program. This program aims at highlighting the problems that local citizens suffer from particularly in the area of South Cairo. FDHRD has previously issued a report on 6/8/2007 documenting the situation of laborers in Shaq El Te’ban area which is entitled “ The Republic of Shaq El Te’ban area”. In addition, it issued another report on 28/8/2007 which is entitled “Fighting the shade - the elimination of the problem of rubbish in Egypt”. This report documents the existence of 152 spots for throwing rubbish randomly in South Cairo. Moreover, FDHRD has issued a report on 16/9/2007 entitled “Life’s loaf of bread” documenting the problem of bread in Egypt in general.

The current report entitled “An area which dropped from the memory of all….Ezbat Khair Allah area” consists of 22 pages and it documents the problems that the inhabitants of Ezbat Khair Allah area suffer from . This area is located in the constituency of El Basateen police station in South Cairo. The mission that was sent there has come up with 10 remarks on the problems the inhabitant there suffers from which are:

The most important remarks and problems observed by FDHRD’s mission”

First: Ezbat Khair Allah area is located in South Cairo but inhabited by citizens from Upper Egypt:
It is observed that Ezbat Khair Allah area is located in South Cairo but inhabited by citizens from Upper Egypt. The national identity cards of the inhabitants refer to the fact that their places of origin are Upper Egypt. They did not change their addresses in their national ID and therefore they are still voting for their candidates in Upper Egypt. In addition, they are still having their Upper Egypt’s culture and tradition.

Besides, it is observed by the mission that this area is marginalized in relations to services and utilities as there are lack of services and utilities such electricity, water and transportation in some of the places in this area. Moreover, there are roads that are not paved particularly in high places as well as rubbish is thrown randomly and accumulatively in many spots there. It seems that the slogan of the candidates there that “if you do not give your vote you are deprived from services”

Second: Ezbat Khair Allah area is without a sewerage system:
The problem of lack of sewerage system exists only in Ezbat Khair Allah and not in the neighboring areas. The inhabitants of this area are using containers in their toilets which are embedded under the ground and shall be sucked by trucks that are equipped to do this job. However, when those trucks get delayed, streets become flooded with waste water and materials.

Third: The buildings of Ezbat Khair Allah area can collapse at anytime:
The inhabitant of the area who met with the mission affirmed that the flooding of the waste water has spoilt the walls of buildings and shops and therefore the safety of buildings is in danger and they can collapse at anytime.

Fourth: Ezbat Khair Allah area is like a bomb that can explode at anytime:
The mission observed that there are a lot of copper manufacturing workshops that are not monitored by anyone and there are not any methods of the industrial safety methods used there. Those workshops can be exploded at any time. In addition, there are other workshops in the area that are not under monitoring or supervisions such as workshops for cutting marble and manufacturing leather.

Fifth: Ezbat Khair Allah area is a big rubbish container:
This area has become a big spot for cumulatively thrown rubbish as the mission observed that the cleaners who affiliate to El Basateen local area are bringing rubbish from the areas of El Basateen and Dar El Salam in order to throw them in Ezbat Khair Allah area. Thus, the area is considered now a big rubbish container to the extent that some side streets were blocked because of the accumulation of rubbish there. In addition, a lot of accidental firings take place due to the accumulation of rubbish. Besides, the widespread of rubbish and smoke of fires led to the widespread of chest allergy diseases. Moreover, animals and inspects are widespread there because they live on rubbish. The existence of such animals and insects threaten the lives of people.

Sixth: Ezbat Khair Allah area suffers from lack of security existence
Although there is a police camp named “ El Khayala camp”, the area suffers from lack of security existence which leads to the widespread of banditries in the area. In addition, the area becomes an area where drugs are sold there due to the lack of security existence. The existence of drug sellers there led to the existence of a lot of quarrels and banditries’ acts.

Seven: There is lack of transportation there:
The inhabitants of the area suffer from the lack of public transportation and the only option for them is to take microbuses from Dar El Salam or in front of El Khayala camp which is located at the very end of Ezbat Khair Allah area. However, there is no internal transportation inside Ezbat Khair Allah area and therefore people has to walk in order to go from one place to another inside the area. Microbuses’ drivers said that they are unable to enter the area because rubbish block streets as well as waste water is flooded there. They said that both rubbish and waste water hinder them from driving there and can damage their cars if they enter. This problem is a serious one as parents have to walk to get out of the area to take microbuses from outside the area in order take their children to schools or to go to their works. Thus, they are compelled to leave their houses very early in the morning to do this hard trip.

Eighth: Drinking water
The drinking water is connected to the area but it is cut off regularly because of Ezbat Khair Allah area is higher than Cairo. However, the most serious problem is that the waste water is mixed with the drinking water because the dirking water pipes suck the waste water that is flooded every where there. This mixed water lead to the spread of diseases particularly the kidney failure disease.

Ninth: Bread:
The inhabitants of the area suffer from the shortage of bread as this big area has only four bakeries that can not cover the needs of all inhabitants. In addition, the loaves of bread produced by the bakeries are of poor quality as they are very small in size and weight as well as people has to stand in long rows in order to get the bread.

At the end of the report, it is recommended that the following steps must be taken:
First: the governorator of Cairo has to do the following:
    1- Installing a sewerage system network inside the area particularity that other neighboring areas are having this network.
    2- Having public transportations in the area.
    3- Conducting regular inspects on copper manufacturing workshops and leathers’ factories in order to verify they comply with the industrial safety guarantees.
Second: the ministry of interiors has to do the following:
    1- Organizing security focused campaigns inside the area.
Third: The responsible people in the local area of Basateen have to do the following:
    1- Lifting up big amounts of rubbish in the area as well as increasing the number of cleaners in the area.
    2- Investigating the incidents of thrown rubbish by the cleaners in this area.
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