Press release
Cairo: 10/6/2007
The forum for development and human rights dialogue
Issued a report titled "The mess advocates"
Analyzing religionist stakeholders
Fatwa during 2007

Today on 10 Sunday, June 2007 the forum for development and human rights dialogue issues a report titled "the mess advocates".

The report about 50 pages focused on the remarkable fatwa's which had been spoken out by the religionist stakeholders during 2007.

These 50 pages are presenting a sort of content analyzes of fatwas, the forum for development and human rights dialogue pointed to that while there is no opportunity for re-explanation in seek of keeping the inherent of the good fundamentalism there are wide chances to spoke out fatwa relating to our daily life matters. This is a kind of conciliating mental and logical abilities. Now, the Egyptian society seeks for fatwa on every daily life mater: privet lessons, trading foot boll players, artists Haage….extra. The list never ended.

The Islamic telephone had recorded about 10.000 fatwas monthly in addition the fatwas of the Moftee of the Republic and others religions stakeholders including AL-zhaer and Muslim brothers.

The report mentored that Prof "Ali Goumaa" the Moftee of the Republic had spoken out about 20 fatwas from the 50s fatwas which are included in the report that is about 40% of the total propagated fatwas in Egypt, in addition (6) fatwas from El-zahear professors and (4) fatwas from the Muslim brothers parliaments, and (4) from Muslim think tanks and Islamic advocates.

The report pointed to that about 28% of these fatwas was on women matters by 14 fatwas while the fatwas on scientific matters had the second rank presents 16%. This percent is the same of the political fatwas in total "8 fatwas". Also the sexual fatwas had the forth rank by 5 fatwas, in addition number of variable fatwas on art, sport and smoke … extra.

The forums pointed to such tremendous fatwas are reflecting the determination of the civic values in Egypt. The forum considers it as the first step toward a sort of community mess doesn't value mental abilities which defiantly hinder the civic state in Egypt.

The report had record one a crucial fatwa for "Ali Laban" one of Muslim brother parliament. The fatwa demands to assassinate the voice minister, El-awaqaf minister and the investment Minister.

The forum mentioned that one like this kind of fatwas was justifying assassination the secular thought "Farag Fouda" and the trial of past novelist "Nageab Mahffos" assassination.

Beside number of random fatwas had spoken out away from the ministry of El-awaqaf supervision supporting the mess community and violence.

The report recommended setting up the identification of El-fatwa and its sources and also setting a penalty law for the unqualified and unspecialists.

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