Press release
Cairo: 4/2/2007
The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD) is announcing
Its budget for the fiscal year of 2006

On 4/2/2007 and under the framework of transparency that FDHRD is adopting, it announces to the public opinion, journalists and media figures its budget for the fiscal year of 2006. The budget of last year was 122791.96 L.E (Only one hundred twenty two thousand, seven hundred and ninety one Egyptian pounds and ninety 6 piaster).

In this regard, the budget refers to the activities conducted by FDHRD in 2006. First, the budget indicates that most of FDHRD activities are done through individual contributions as all the activities done till November 2006 were funded by small donations given by the members of trustees' council of FDHRD. These donations were 35142.55 L.E (Only thirty five thousand, one hundred and forty two pounds and thirty five piaster).

Second, the other activities funded by external donors are; the project of "The Messengers of Freedoms" funded by the USAID. This project aims at training students at the final year at the faculties of Mass-Communications and Arts in five universities. They shall be trained on the concepts of human rights. FDHRD received from USIAD a sum of 48524.00 L.E (Only forty eight thousand, five hundred twenty four Egyptian pounds).

Moreover, International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) funded FDHRD's project that aims at motivating the role of trustees' council in Egyptian schools in order to disseminate the values and cultures of human rights . In order to implement this project, IREX gives a sum of 28077.00 L.E (Only twenty eight thousand and seventy seven Egyptian pounds).

In addition, FDHRD was able to conduct some other important activities that are funded by individual contributions submitted by its members of the trustees' council such as the issuance of 10 reports on different issues such as the series of reporters on various kinds of corruption (Corruption in education, corruption health, corruption in localities, and corruption in the T.V sector). Besides, it issued reports on the freedom of expression and opinion such as "the confiscation of thoughts in Egypt.. a crime in which all are participating in", and the annual report on the freedom of journalism in Egypt. Also, FDHRD issued a report on " The parliament is a door for reform" which analyze the minutes of the parliaments. Also, it issued other reports such as "the Complaints Book", " The Caricature….. the Cynical and Funny Crisis", " The crimes of poverty in Egypt " and " The family's crimes".

Furthermore, FDHRD monitored the election of Al Maadi club. It also organized three seminars with the cooperation of the Alliance of Democracy and organized another seminar with the cooperation of the National Council for Human Rights.

In this regard, FDHRD believes that it is important to announce its budget for the year of 2006 to enable all people to know the sources of funding for the FDHRD and how it spends the funds. It believes that this step is very important because there are some accusations directed against NGOs that raise doubts on the transparency of civil society institutions in Egypt. FDHRD feels that it its duty as an association that fight corruption to announce its budget to all people and it welcomes anyone approaches its premises to get a copy of the budget.

Finally, FDHRD is still stresses on the important of conducting investigation in the cases of corruption that it documented in its report. It is very important to conduct such investigations particularly it was thought before that there is a problem hindering investigation which is the lack of transparency in civil society institutions.

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