Press release
Cairo: 14/1/2007
Report issued by FDHRD on "corruption in the local councils.. Cracks in the basics of democracy"
Requests to the Egyptian Parliament to discuss the report

It is the first time to happen that 25 members in the parliament request the discussion of the report on corruption in the local councils. They based their request on the report that was issued by the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue (FDHRD). This report named "corruption in the local councils .. Cracks in the basis of democracy" and was issued on 31/10/2006. Those members are members in the National Democratic Party, El Wafd party and some of them are independent members.

It is worth mentioning that the members of the parliament used to discuss corruption in the local councils due to the report of the Auditing Central Organization. This time, the members Ahmed Abu Zagie, El Husseini Abu Kamar, Said Khalifa, Mohamoud El Betlagi, Ai Labn , Hussein Ibrahim, Mohamed Abdel Aleem, Salah Al Sa'ygh, El Rifa'ai Hamada, Dr. Gamal Zahran and Ibrahim El Ga'afari . Other members requested the discussion of the FDHRD's report and they requested the referral of the report to the criminal investigation authorities in order to investigate the cases mentioned in the report and theretofore bringing those who committed the misdeeds to the criminal court. The members also requested the summoning of lieutenant Abdel El Salam Mahgooub , the minister of the local development to give his comments on what are mentioned in the report . Also, they requested the establishment of a committee to find facts in order to investigate the deterioration of the situation in the local sector in Egypt.

FDHRD welcomes the adoption of the parliament to its report and at the same time it calls the members of the Egyptian parliament to adopt the other report on corruption in the health sector that was issued by FDHRD on 4/4/2006 under the name " The right to health - A right which is violated and a care which is absent. This report analysed and monitored the cases of corruption , medical neglecting and deterioration inside public and private hospitals in Egypt. Also, the report approached corruption in the health sector that exceeded 21 cases with the value of 9.5 million L.E. Also, it talked about the cases of medical neglecting towards citizens inside hospitals that reached 75 cases of neglecting. 67 out of the 75 cases were in the governmental hospitals. 21 of those cases died while 25 of them became partially or completely paralysed as well as 6 cases got unconscious.

In addition, the report documented the deterioration inside 25 governmental hospitals in Egypt. Besides, the report dealt with the role of the Egyptian parliament in combating the phenomena of corruption and medical neglecting during the period from 19/12/2005 till 12/3/2006.

In this report, there was a serious case of medical neglecting. This case was on the event of the production of "kidney washing filters by Haydelina" company. Such filters were damaged and expired. Consequently, there was a request for investigation that was filed in the parliament by the member Hedar Beghdadi

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