Press Release
The Forum issues the second part of its report
Pre-University Education… The latent Danger
"On the phenomenon of Violence in Schools"

The Forum for Development and Human Rights issues tomorrow, Saturday 16-9-2006, the second part of its report "Pre-University Education… The latent Danger".

The first part of the report, issued on 6-8-2006, dealt with corruption and negligence in the education sector; the second part deals the phenomenon of violence inside educational institutions in 21 pages, divided into three sections.

The report considers the phenomenon of violence on schools to be one of the major obstacles before the development of educational institutions in Egypt, revealing the absence of the values of tolerance and acceptance and respect of the other.

The report discovers that the phenomenon of violence inside schools is no longer restricted to teacher-student violence, but it has extended to include student-teacher violence, parent-teacher violence, as well as teacher-teacher violence before students, and finally student-student violence, that which transforms schools into arenas for wrestling and practicing of violence. The report exposes 52 cases of violence documented by the forum in 13 governorates (Cairo - Giza - Menofiya - Qaliobiya - Fayyoum - Gharbiya - Alexandria - Asiut - Aswan - Ismailiya - Damietta - Behira - Daqahliya).

The cases observed came as following : 8 cases of violence committed by students against their teachers, 5 cases of mutual violence among students, 8 cases of parental violence against teachers, and 21 cases of teacher violence against students.

Finally, the report calls for the harmonization of Egyptian legal codes and legislatures with the provisions of the Child rights conventions and the other relevant protocols and international criteria. As well as preparing promptly researches, statistics and specialized studies on violence inside schools.

The report calls as well for the contribution of civil society in spreading a civic culture that supercedes the culture of violence.

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