Press Release
Pre-University Education in Egypt
The forum report on "Corruption and negligence in Education institutions" 2005-2006

Tomorrow, Monday August 7th, the Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue will issue its report on "Corruption and negligence in Pre-university education institutions" , the report, almost 40 pages, observes and analyses the cases of corruption, waste of public property and negligence in educational institutions.

The report comes in three main sections, the first deals with the corruption cases observed by the forum, summing up to 39 cases. The second section deals with the deteriorating status of educational infrastructure (old school buildings - lack of principal needs - absence of fences)… This section counts 62 educational building suffering from great deterioration and negligence posing a threat to the lives of students and staff.

The third section deals with the expected role of the ministry of education in dealing with these problems. It is noteworthy that the report mainly depended on the questions and demands of MPs pertaining to education during the first parliamentary round through 91 minutes of sessions, in addition to supervisory reports and discussions of municipal councils and what the Egyptian press published on the subject.

The report begins with a short introduction displaying the position of the right to education in the international conventions. A general overview on the binding problems facing teachers, on top of which is the new financial status of teachers act. The introduction deals as well with the phenomenon of private tutoring and its effect on the deterioration of education in Egypt, and finally mentioning the statistics on the numbers of teachers, students and schools for pre-university education , and the deficiency in numbers of teachers or schools at some governorates.

The report concludes with certain recommendations, the most important of which are: the necessity of enacting the new financial status of teachers, amendment of GSC system after the last results proved that high grades do not mean that a student can join the faculty that s/he wants. The report recommends as well that the faculties of education are promoted, and that the hours of the school day should be revised to allow for sports and cultural activities.

And upon issuing this report, the forum hopes that all efforts, governmental or NGOs , join for the modernization of education and promotion of its curricula financially, culturally and socially, in a way that allows for the qualifying of a new generation that helps modernize the whole Egyptian Society.

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