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FDHRD demands forming and independent international investigation commission to investigate in Abu Ghreib Prison violations

" Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue" (FDHRD) condemns the continuous torture violations against Iraqi detainees inside Abu Ghreib Prison whom were subjected to different instruments of inhuman degrading actions under the grasp of US officers. In addition US authorities published in public the new pictures of degradation at the remembrance of torture acts revealed two years ago all over the world, the situation passed via Judiciary's fake verdict of six months imprisonment counter the US defendant officer.

Accordingly, FDHRD stated that these degrading acts violates international human law and Geneva Fourth Convention of prisoners of war treatment, though US torture acts in Abu Ghreib Prison against Iraqi citizens violates the following international conventions:

1) The United Nations first conference held convened in Geneva 1955, which mentioned rules on criminals' treatment guaranteed by the social and economic council's decrees: 636 (D -24) [31 July 1957] and 2076 (D - 62) [13 May 1977] which state the following: protecting the detainees in prisons according to the following principal rules of detainees treatment: a) giving the detainee the licence to contact his kindred and friends with good reputation regularly via post or visits. B) Foreign detainees could be able to contact the embassy of the country he belongs to. C) Detainees belong to countries doesn't have any representative ambassadors and refugees lack nationality both have licence to contact the embassy of the state or the authority stated its intention to protect those people.

2) The International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights held by the UN (December 1966) which states also on the importance of respecting the noble human dignity of all detainees (M- 1/ 10), the system in prisons must put into consideration the treatment that provides social reform and rehabilitation (M -3 / 10). Moreover the main principles of detainees' treatment -guaranteed by UN General-Assembly decree 111 [1945]- admitted that all detainees must be treated in a respectable manner for being dignified as human beings.

3) UN General-Assembly decree 111 [1945] issued in (14 / 12 / 1990), the following points determines decree's provisions:
    a) Detainees must be treated in a respectable manner for being dignified as human beings.
    b) Abolish discrimination on grounds of gender, colour, nationality, section, religion, political or counter beliefs, national or social origin and finally wealth, property and birth.

    c) Complete respect to detainees' religious beliefs and values, and also the cultural values of their belonging in all circumstances.

    d) Decrees of detention and protecting the society from crimes, are considered an attempt to fulfil the principal demands working to improve development and production for the members of society

    e) Discarding all restriction, the detainees must take hold of their principal freedoms and human rights -guaranteed by the state- according to the Universal Declaration for Human Rights.

Finally, FDHRD calls upon US state institutions headed by the Congress and international society to restart opening investigation files of the continuous degrading acts done against Iraqi detainees in Abu Ghreib Prison and many arrest camps. Moreover it calls for placing Abu Ghreib Prison under the grasp of the Iraqi state authorities, also stating new decrees to permit international and Arab organizations to monitor the detainees' status in arrest camps.

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