Press Release
FDHRD demands immediate republication to Al-Wafd newspaper

" Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue " (FDHRD) denies Dr Noaman Gomaa's decree -whom was beyond the struggle of chairmanship in Al-Wafd Party - to close Al-Wafd newspaper since Friday (27 / 1 / 2006).

According to the Constitution, closing the newspaper is considered an abuse to freedom of opinion and expression to the 150 journalists and violates financial rights of the 272 journalists and officials whom settled under official insurance though FDHRD stresses on the necessity to republish the newspaper in which it has became a public property and its denial is considered a violation to freedom of exchanging information.

On the other hand, Al-Wafd's Section entitled 'Citizens' Difficulties' was specified in Egyptian citizens' problems in an attempt for assistance, in which in 2005 it had published 1919 complaints. Moreover Section 'Al-Wafd Clinic' was specified in representing hygienic remedy services for 6000 needed citizens: financial aids for 500 needed families per month, 12 movable seats for the disabled, remedies to the needed costs one million and also giving support via checkups, clinic radiations and analysis, medical glasses all for free and finally Investigation Section had published 38 articles embraced obviously citizens' economic and social rights.

Accordingly FDHRD insists on its complete support to Al-Wafd journalists and administration officials in order to protect their union and labour legal rights and annul the decree of halting the newspaper's publication.

On this domain, FDHRD will immediately start a campaign to encourage journalists in all state publications in details: 54 national newspapers and magazines, 40 party newspapers and 9 independent newspapers to adopt the 'One Thousand Article' campaign in order to enforce authorities to republish Al-Wafd newspaper which plays an efficient role in rebuilding the society in social, economic, culture and political levels. Moreover press in Egypt is still considered the most effective sector in publishing the needed demands on a wide- range in an attempt to solve citizens' day - to - day problems.

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