Press Release
FDHRD issues the second part of the report 'Poverty Crimes in Egypt'

" Forum for Development and Human rights Dialogue " (FDHRD) issues the second part of the official report 'Poverty Crimes in Egypt' according to researches performed on accidents' pages in the Egyptian newspapers (Al-Akhbar, Al-Ahram, Al-Wafd, Nahdat Misr and Al-Masry al-Youm).

The report noted the following facts:
    1) During the period from 1 July to 31 December, statistics witnessed 496 crimes related to poverty approximately 2.73 % per day; moreover the defendants in these crimes were 785 citizens.

    2) The cases are scheduled as follows: robbery crimes 296 (59.67%), murder crimes 155 (31.25%), murder attempts committed due to poverty 22 (4.43%), suicide crimes 13 (2.62%), arson conflagrations 8 (1.61%), forgery 3 (0.60%), children sale 2 (0.40%) and finally beggary crimes 2 (0.40%). 3) Poverty also caused crimes inside the one family (domestic crimes), (103 cases) in which there is a kind of relation between the defendant and the victim.

    4) The defendants were noted on terms of gender: men (583 cases), women (80 cases), children (82 cases) but 40 defendants weren't identified by gender in newspapers.

    5) The educational status of the defendants noted in newspapers: bachelor degrees (36), high school and university students (68), diplomatic studies (19), illiterate (51) and 611 defendants hold anonymous educational status.

    6) The total poverty crimes victims are 604 cases divided into (167 in murder crimes, 372 in robbery crimes, 30 in attempts to murder crimes, 13 in suicide crimes, 4 children in sale deals, 15 in arson conflagrations and finally 3 in forgery crimes.

    7) The report identified also that beggary crimes cases didn't exceed more than two cases.

    8) The geographic distribution to poverty crimes in Egypt from top to bottom as follows: Cairo - 107 crimes (21.57%), Giza -72 crimes (14.51%), Al-Qaliubia - 42 crimes (8.46 %), Alexandria - 28 crimes (5.64%), Assiut - 12 crimes (2.41%), Al-Fayoum and Al-Gharbia - 5 crimes, moreover Provinces (Al-Ismailia, Suez Canal, Al-Sharqia, Al-Monofia, Qena, Kafr Al-Sheikh, Beny Sueif and Louxor) witnessed 4 crimes each and finally Provinces (Port Said, Matrouh, Al-Behira, Red Sea, Damietta, Al-Menia and Aswan) witnessed two crimes, while on the other hand North Sinai Province is still out of reach of poverty crimes.

In light of the report's research results to newspapers' poverty crimes statistics, FDHRD calls upon all state institutions to find a final solution to the poverty phenomenon, which stands against the Egyptian family's stability both socially and economically and it is considered also the most obvious obstacle against economic and social development.

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