Press Release
Cairo: 25/12/2005
Increase Violence Against Men
Published in the Egyptian Journals

The" media monitor " of the " Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialogue" (Moltaka) has documented the commitment of (111) crimes against men in the period from 30 June 2005 to 24 December 2005. The samples of the news that are covered in this study are Al Ahram, Al Akhbar, Al Wafd, NAhdet Misr and Egypt Today.

The study used the strategy of content analysis for the crimes pages and it avoided the duplication of the same crimes.

The study showed the following:
The total of violence crimes against men during the last six months was 111 crimes as follows: - 85 murder, 15 robberies, 11 beaten assaults.

27 news crime at AL Ahram, 24 at Al Akhbar,21 at Al Wafd, 20 at Egypt Today and 19 at Nahdet Misr.

Second: The cause of these crimes as the following:
Family disputes and the unwillingness of the stingy husband to spend money on his family ( 65%) , husbands who cheat their wives ( 15%,) and thefts ( 15%).

91 crimes committed by wives, 4 by sons, 6 by relatives, 6 by houses-servants and in 4 crimes there were no relationship between the defendant and victim.

Fourth: The following tools are used to commit the crimes:
The use of poison, guns, oil, petroleum and knives. In addition, there was one crime committed by using bricks.

Fifth: The geographical areas of these crimes were:
63 in Cairo, 14 in Giza, 2 in Qena, 4 in Alexandria, 3 in Menai, 1 in Suhag, 1 in Asuit, 3 in Fayoum, 11 crimes the study could not find out its place

Sixth: The educational levels of the female perpetrators were:
There was one woman who had a PH.D, seven women had university degrees, 16 of them had intermediate education, 69 of them were illiterate while the newspapers did not mention the education level of 18 cases.

Moltaka issues this study to pay attention to risks threaten the social values inside Egyptian families. It assures that violence against men is going to be a phenomenon similar to violence against women and children particularly that most of men hide these crimes for social reasons.

The" Moltaka " emphasizes that social development starts with unifying efforts to combat all forms of violence.

The violence against women and children has become a phenomenon because the community neglected its reasons and did not deal with it as they consider them individual acts and not a phenomenon. Thanks. Saeed Abd Elhafez tel:2 012 474 6689 Fax: 202 700 9575
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